Elizabeth Fry

After working on the different stages of Economy that would lead to the emergence of capitalism we have stopped and done research on  important characters during the Industrial Revolution. I’ve worked with Felicitas Donato on Elizabeth Fry. In order to recreate a vivid image of her and the role she played in society during the 19th century, we have created Histagrams. 

Wanna check ours and get to know Elizabeth fry?

Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) was a pioneering campaigner for better conditions in prisons during the Victorian Period. She was a middle-class Quaker who sought to highlight the squalid and unsanitary conditions in British prisons and provide practical solutions to help improve conditions and reform prisoners. Gaining the support of prominence members of society, such as Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale, she played an important role in later legislation which improved conditions in prisons.

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